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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Just Starting Out! Few Questions from a Newbie!!
SunflowerMama 01:30 PM 03-09-2010
Hello everyone!!
I am a new in-home provider in Texas (outside of Dallas). I currently have a 21 month old boy, 15 month old little girl, 3 yr. old boy and then my almost 3yr old twin girls.

My indoor play/learning area is great but the downside of great housing prices in our area is a tiny back yard. Right now we're relying on imagination and some basics (bubbles, sidewalk chalk, cones, hula hoops, etc.). Does anyone have any advice for a tiny fenced in back yard??

We do take walks around the neighborhood when my numbers are smaller but with all the kiddos here it's just not safe.

I would also welcome any comments or suggestions on my website from those with more experience.

I'm finishing up my State registration and just started with the kiddos this week.

Thanks everyone!!
Michael 01:49 PM 03-09-2010
Welcome to the Forum.
TGT09 01:54 PM 03-09-2010
Welcome! I have a large (acre) fenced in backyard so I can't help you there, sorry! I'm sure someone will be able to offer some advice.

The one thing I will be getting with my tax return is the sand/water table and I would think that would work with any size backyard.
tymaboy 02:11 PM 03-09-2010
I have a small yard. I like the step 2, little tykes climbers. I only have little ones so these work out well for me. My garage is located up from the house so we need to walk up some stairs to get to & off of it we have a wooden deck built on. Down below in the yard I have swings attached to it so I have a couple swings for the kids as well. I have a step 2 (I think) sand table that I have sitting on the back patio. Since it is a table it is easy to move out of the way when we are not using it. We store it & the waiting pool underneath the deck when they are not being used.
Carole's Daycare 07:25 AM 03-10-2010
My yard is a decent corner city lot- but, selfish woman that I am- I use whole sections of it for vegetable gardens, flower beds, and grown up space. Really. It is also divided up anyway,as my house sits right in the middle, giving me two small side yards and a small backyard divided in half by a sidewalk to my garage, essentially I have several small play areas. I find that the section with the sandbox (mine is built 6x8 so several kids all fit in at once) is by far the favorite spot in my yard. Next to it I have a small 2 child step 2 teeter totter. If you dont want to waste yard space on a swingset, perhaps you can hang toddler swings from a tree branch or clothesline pole? Sand & water tables, a small climber, a teeter totter that two can play on and a sandbox, whether built in or the plastic turtle/crab type- will give a handful of preschoolers/tofddlers things to do. Also, as it's fenced, drill holes in plexi-glass and attach to the fence for finger painting - no need for an easel.
momofboys 08:01 AM 03-10-2010
I highly recommend a sandbox & as someone else said one of the water tables. They are great for keeping kids entertained. My kids tend to be a little older & we have a bigger backyard. In warm weather we play baseball & play tag & hide and seek. I also purchased a parachute which is great for circle activities
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