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WImom 11:32 AM 11-08-2010
How does this email sound? I have a parent that was just added on my waitlist and she has just emailed me again to ask if I knew a time frame.
I don't necesserily think her child is the right fit for my childcare but I thought when I told her that I was going with the other family for my last spot that she'd look else where, but she didn't want to. She was upset because she assumed that it was just her spot if she wanted it and was going to start him the next day. (She took a week to get back to me after the interview and the spot was filled). She seems kind of high maintance and the child does too so I'm hoping this email will sound professional but also let her know that's it's my decision in the end.

Hi ******,
I don't have any time frame on when I'll be licensed, I would think sometime this month. I do have 4 families including yours on my waitlist and one family currently enrolled part time that will change to full time. Once my license is issued I will have 2-3 spaces to fill. After reviewing my interview notes I will contact the families that I think will be the best fit with the kids I currently have and with my childcare program.
QualiTcare 11:44 AM 11-08-2010
i think it sounds perfect. you got the point across (to anyone with a bit of sense) but it's not rude either.
MyAngels 11:52 AM 11-08-2010
Yes, it definitely says "Don't call me, I'll call you." , in a professional sounding way.
WImom 12:01 PM 11-08-2010
missnikki 12:16 PM 11-08-2010
How about "I will contact you either way, once I have considered which families will be the best fit ...etc..."
It sounds like you are going to leave her hanging, which means more emails.
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