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gbcc 03:20 AM 12-23-2010
I am so frustrated right now and I can't get ahold of anyone at the bank because they are closed.

Apparently someone closed my bank account. I don't know why, it was a positive balance so I'm thinking it wasn't the bank. Anyways my money that was in the account is now missing.

Last night parent payments were supposed to be deposited into my account. Well thats when I logged online banking and found out the account was closed. The transactions show completed on my minute menu but they obviously weren't able to go into the account. The parents doesn't show that the money was put back in their accounts. I've only checked with a few since it's so early. Anyone have to deal with this before?

To make it worse I have more payments going in tonight and I can't find how to change my deposit account information to my other checking account.
dEHmom 05:17 AM 12-23-2010
could you contact the parents and if they haven't deposited yet, tell them to not deposit.
KEG123 05:42 AM 12-23-2010
I'm sure the bank is open now. I hope you've called, or will be calling very soon to see wtf the problem is. I'd be super mad.
gbcc 05:53 AM 12-23-2010
The bank is telling me they don't know whats going on but the payments never went into my account. I have proof from both parents that the payments were posted.

Minute menu is closed for the holidays so I can't get info on how to change my account information. There should be a way for me to do this.
Abigail 01:29 PM 12-25-2010
Maybe Minute Menu temporarily shut down for Christmas and will be up and running again on Monday. I'm sure lots of others would have the same issue, but call Monday. They may have taken a longer closing time for the holidays and started early.
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