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TSDaycare 09:13 AM 02-23-2011
Is minute menu really worth the $62/year? Does it really make taxes that much simpler at the end of the year? This is my second year and I am considering trying it out....
daycare 09:24 AM 02-23-2011
It is priceless for me...
kendallina 09:31 AM 02-23-2011
I don't use it, but I think you can try it out free for a month on their website...
Michelle 09:59 AM 02-23-2011
last week I had a mom show up to pick up her 4 year old son, and we were all playing in the front yard . She called his name and he laughed and ran from her, she counted to 5, threatened him with a time out, begged him to come to her and he hid....I waited a while because I didn't want to undermine her but she couldn't get him down from the play equipment. So finally I told him once to get down and get in the car and he did it right away
DCMom 10:05 AM 02-23-2011
I get it for free through my food program, but if that changed tomorrow I would buy it at any cost. I honestly don't know what I did without it.
littlemonkeys 10:19 AM 02-23-2011
I just fishished the free trial and bought the program. I love it so far!
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