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blessed mom 02:05 PM 08-10-2011
So, I just signed signed up for the food program and saw that they have a software package connected with the minute menu program that will track all kinds of things plus invoice parents. It looks good but it comes with a yearly charge which might be ok considering I can write it off. On the other hand it might be more profitable to just purchase a program one time and be done with it.

I'm wondering if I can glean a little from you with experience. Do you use software or do you just track it at home and do your own thing? What software do you find most helpful for running a daycare?

Thanks in advance!
Cat Herder 03:43 PM 08-10-2011
I LOVE my MMK....

I added some tags to link you to other posts about this, too, since there are SO many things that MMK does.

It would take me an hour at least...
TomCopeland 04:55 PM 08-10-2011
I helped write the record keeping portion of Minute Menu, so of course I think it's great. Here's an article on other software programs:
blessed mom 08:07 PM 08-10-2011
Thank you everyone...what (seriously) would I do without this forum?
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