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Sprouts 11:31 AM 01-01-2012
Okay so I have crawlers and Waddlers toddlers and preschool age and every week I find myself rearranging my room to accommodate the Waddlers who need space but still have room for the preschoolers. I allow my son who is a Waddler to go on the preschool side but afraid of all of things will little pieces so I keep them out of reach but just feel crowded now.

I tried to post a pic u can see it in the link I hope
Abigail 11:38 AM 01-01-2012
wow you have some really nice quality daycare shelves and accessories! Love the color and the tv mounted on the wall....something I want someday.

Can't you just make a more defined preschool zone and then make everything for your crawlers and toddlers safe to share? They need to learn not to step on the crawlers, but they're not newborns or young babies and you're right there in the same room all the time. I love that you have the options to break up your space. My main daycare is too long and wide for the little amount of shelving I have.
melskids 12:01 PM 01-01-2012
It looks good!

I have had to recently seperate my space as well because of the little ones.

All of my rooms kind of run into each other, so I can see everyone no matter where I am.

The actual daycare room is set up so all ages are safe to play in there. Dramatic play, blocks, baby zone, toddler zone, and library/cozy area.

The kitchen is for art and sensory.

The dining area is all the small table toys and learning stuff for preschoolers. Any one under three is not allowed in this room unless I am directly with them.

If the preschoolers or SA wants to play with real little pieces (like small legos or beads, the marble run, etc) they play on the rug in the living room area.
Sprouts 12:17 PM 01-01-2012
That sounds interesting do u have any pics
Sprouts 12:21 PM 01-01-2012
Thank u child care ! My husband actually built those shelves , I will tell him what u said he will love to hear that
melskids 12:37 PM 01-01-2012
Originally Posted by Sprouts:
That sounds interesting do u have any pics
Not any current ones. That gives me something to work on this week I suppose!
Abigail 01:45 PM 01-01-2012
Sprouts, can you take individual pictures so I can see them up close? How many shelves did he build for you? I want to buy those 8 section shelves too, they're sold through about $150 each and I want two and try to make more defined zones.
Sprouts 02:01 PM 01-01-2012
If you can find a similar model for that price that would be awesome, u have make sure it's at least 15" deep so less chance for tipping. I used the following model for my husband to follow
Sprouts 02:07 PM 01-01-2012
And the smaller shelveshe made are similar to these
Abigail 03:30 AM 01-02-2012
The ones I'm considering from Walmart....both require assembly.

An 8 section all natural shelf: $199, 36 x 48 x 12

OR what I like a little better in color BLUE: $211, 35 x 48 x 15.5
This shelf is deeper and has some color. My lower level has a lot of wood or cabin-like look to it already so I don't know if not using color on part of the shelf would be a good option.
Sprouts 07:19 AM 01-02-2012
Wow what a great deal! I would get the deeper ones if you will be using as a divider
Sprouts 07:24 AM 01-02-2012
Low See through shelves are also good because it allows light through and doesn't make the room seem smaller, the only problem is when the child realizes they can crawl through. It is a good large motor skill activity, but if you are using it to separate it might not do the job, I did try covering one side with a blanket and that seemed to work though
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