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New Members - Welcome to the Forum!>Newbie Here!!!
Recie 08:08 AM 03-27-2012
Hi all!!! I am sooo excited to find a forum for daycare providers! Ill be starting my CDA classes in April and am ready to get started I currently work in an office and after 2 years come to discover its most definately NOT for me. My husband and I decided lets open a childcare center.

Truth be told im TERRIFIED!! I like children and I know I can be a positive influence, and am just needing a vit of advice and lots of encouragement.

I have so many ideas when it comes to the center that im just itching to get started!!
Blackcat31 08:13 AM 03-27-2012
Recie 10:12 AM 03-27-2012
thanks! any directions to threads about being a first time chidcare provider? id like to read up on those.
Michael 10:23 AM 03-27-2012
Welcome too
Recie 07:49 AM 03-28-2012
thank you very much! im really really enjoying this site its giving me LOTS of insight to all my "possibles"
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