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small_steps 01:11 PM 06-14-2012
So this has probably been talked about before on here but I've missed it if it has. Currently I have my play room set up in centers. I have toy shelves set up to block off areas for different centers. I see several people on here who has a set up that's more open space. The open space looks so much nicer than my cramped up centers. I say cramped up. My centers are big enough for 3-4 children in each one however I love the look of the open space with toy shelves against the wall. I've just always heard that it leaves more running room when you leave open space. Although I'm constantly having to stop the kids from running even without all the open space.
How do you have yours set up? And why did you choose centers/open space.
Michael 01:53 PM 06-14-2012
Some previous threads:
spud912 02:29 PM 06-14-2012
I think my set-up is fairly sectioned off, but I suppose to many it seems very open. The kids I have are extremely active and unlike probably 99% of you, I do allow some running in the house . Obviously, if it gets out of hand or kids are getting hurt, I have them all sit to do a quiet activity. I suppose the main reason is that we cannot do anything too active outside for about 3 months of the year due to oppressive heat. We try to get out from 9 am to 9:30 or 10 am and do water activities, but there are some days that it's already in the high 90's or low 100's at that time. Even at 30 minutes and with water activities, I notice their little faces turning red if they are very active outside.

My house has a straight path from the front to the back and the kids run back and forth. I have done some things to tame the craziness inside and help them get out some of their energy, like put a big slide in the playroom and have ride-on toys available, but sometimes they just need to run.

Am I the only crazy person who allows some running in the house?
bluemoose_mom 03:23 PM 06-14-2012
Nope, I purposely left open space separate from my play area for the kids to run. If it gets out of hand, I settle them down with a group activity...but I don't mind the running otherwise.

Again, we can't go outside for 4-6 months out of the year due to cold, so the kids need it.
cheerfuldom 03:37 PM 06-14-2012
I dont allow running in the house. Mostly because the ones that always get hurt are my two little ones or my special needs daycare girl. They get all ramped up and start throwing things and jumping around and acting crazy

As for the original topic, you can see pics of setup in a thread I just started. I like to try and balance sectioned off areas with some playing room. And almost all of our toys and stuff can be easily rearranged.
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