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jasonmm 01:38 PM 08-06-2008
Where can I look online for local daycares in my area? Any sites you recommend? Thanks!
Michael 08:09 PM 08-06-2008
You can search our database using zipcode, city or area code at:
Unregistered 02:18 PM 10-23-2008
Originally Posted by jasonmm:
Where can I look online for local daycares in my area? Any sites you recommend? Thanks!
Find your city and state, and look under under Childcare section.
Ask your friends and neighbors too!
kidcentric 12:41 AM 11-03-2008
Try contacting your local Child Care Resource and Referral agency. Typically they are paid by the state to help parents find child care, so they are free to you. They should have a database with most of the providers in the area on it with basic information about each provider. You can find a link to your local agency through the national website, just plug in your zip code.
Unregistered 05:26 PM 01-01-2009
There are other sites out there too. Craigslist is great. You can also try

Good luck!
Texasjeepgirl 06:14 AM 02-01-2009
My first recommendation would be to search for child care providers that are LISTED, REGISTERED, or LICENSED with the state you live in.
Although I am certain that there are unregulated providers out there that provide quality care, I think most parents are more comfortable with a provider that is held to MINIMUM STANDARDS for quality.

For the state of TEXAS you can SEARCH TEXAS CHILD CARE on any search engine. This will give you the website for TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF PROTECTIVE AND REGULATORY Services, where you can search by zip code or county. From there you can review the inspections of these providers, their address and phone number information, etc.
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