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Curriculum>Creative Curriculum vs High Reacvc
Teacher11208 12:32 PM 07-27-2012
I am a assistant director at a daycare/preschool in Minnesota. We are going to start a new curriculum and I'm curious about Creative Curriculum and High Reach. Can anyone give me brief information about each of these? I think I've gathered that CC is more of a teaching theory and doesnt give you the exact things to teach, as HR tells you what and how to teach; is this correct? What are the pros and cons of each of these curriculums? I have looked at some past posts about CC and people seem to like it; has anyone used CC and not liked it? Thanks so much for your help.
Blackcat31 12:37 PM 07-27-2012
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Here are a couple links to the High Scope and Creative Curriculum
Unregistered 06:41 PM 07-28-2012
We use CC, but not solely. I like it because it helps staff to understand the "why" of each center; how does each center benefit the children. If a teacher is willing to read it (which many won't), It will teach them to see past the activities to see the purpose. It also gives some ideas for each Center. I make other curriculu available also that have activities, finger plays, etc. In them. CC is more of a method.
Bugsworthy 06:43 PM 07-28-2012
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