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Unregistered 09:55 PM 08-29-2012
Hi! I'm in need of opinions/ideas on how to handle maternity leave and extended leave for one of my families. Here's the situation: DCM is a teacher so I don't have DCG all summer. (I only do teacher families so I don't charge for the summer.) Then DCG comes to me for about 8-10 weeks in the fall until DCD's seasonal work ends and he stays home with her until the spring when DCG comes for another 6 weeks or so. Through the winter, she comes usually once a week. Normally, she is part-time 3 days a week. This family did this last school year and I charged for the full 3 days and DCG came 1 day so DCD could clean house. Now, this year, DCM is expecting and wants to take 8 weeks off and doesn't want to bring DCG at all and is wondering if she needs to pay for that. I already feel bad for charging for 3 days all winter, but this child is constantly in a state of transition and is a royal pain after being gone for the summer so I feel like charging for the 3 days no matter whether she comes or doesn't. What would you do?

BTW...this has to be the toughest child I've ever cared for...constantly cries, doesn't listen, fights nap time. Mom does attachment parenting so this child is mostly miserable to be around since I refuse to constantly tote a 2yr old around like her mom does. I'd like to terminate, but the mom loves me and I need the cash and it's only a few weeks at a time that she's here.

My contract states that extended leaves will be determined on a case by case basis.

Any suggestions?

And yes, I know I was crazy to take on such a plan, but the parents didn't tell me this would happen until after the dad had been home for 6 weeks and they had called in sick every other day. Finally, I just said he needs to come or you keep him home and pay.

Thanks for your help!
Michael 01:09 AM 08-30-2012
Tags:extended leave, maternity leave
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