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Lucy 09:09 AM 01-02-2013
Has this been asked and answered already? Couldn't find it in the search. What is that tax form we can give people to serve as a year-end "receipt"? I remember using it last year and only had one parent question the fact that it didn't have an amount on it. I just said her checks were her receipts. It felt weird not providing a total amount for the year, but it was a heckuva lot easier!!! I just can't remember the form number. I remember it was really easy to fill out and print last year. Thanks, gals! Do you provide year-end amounts or just give them that form and call it good?
Blackcat31 09:24 AM 01-02-2013
It is a W-10 form. Here is the link to it:

I give them the W-10 form as a courtesy even though we aren't required to provide it.

I also use MMK for all my book keeping so giving them a year end statement with the total amount paid is also a courtesy but something I do do.

MMK also has the W-10 form within the program too.

Hope that helps
Lucy 09:34 AM 01-02-2013
Thanks. I used to just use my little receipt book and write "YEAR-END RECEIPT" across it. But last year I remember someone saying all we really need to do is give them that W-10 form. Wow, was that easy!
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