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BBDC 12:44 PM 04-20-2013
I finally told my family I would no longer watch them late. They at first said that it was fine then told me they were going down to a couple days starting this summer. Well I feel so much better about it even if they are not coming much anymore and today had an interview and already filled there spot. So yay! Im so happy and I feel soooo much better about it all!
Cradle2crayons 01:19 PM 04-20-2013

frugalmama4 03:04 PM 04-20-2013

Good for you!
Brooksie 05:02 PM 04-20-2013
Awesome! Great job! And wonderful that you filled the spot so quickly! Good for you
dEHmom 03:13 PM 04-22-2013
Congrats. I did the same thing a few months back. I still agree to work the extra 15 minutes in the summer, but during the off season when the dad isn't working, I don't want to work late if I don't have to.

I also put my big girl panties on plenty of other times after this. It's much easier to stand up for yourself once you've done it a few times. I even had to let a family go because I couldn't stand them anymore. Issues with following policy and the infant was a devil.
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