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KDC 06:46 AM 04-22-2013
We got a new pet this weekend. It was for my dd's birthday (but really it's more like my Mother's Day gift, but shhhh... family thinks it's my daughters!) She's so soft and cute! I know all about the responsibilities of taking care of a rabbit - and checked with regs... (bunnies aren't dangerous!) I will however only let the kids pet his back and wash hands. All parent's love the idea of a daycare pet.

Here's a PIC. Isn't she adorable? I'm in love. My DD named her, Layla (better than sparkles or princess!)
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juliebug 06:52 AM 04-22-2013
Too cute
mamac 06:58 AM 04-22-2013
We had a "house" bunny when I was a child. Her name was Pebbles and she was allowed to roam the house freely because she was box trained. She was the cutest thing ever. Every time we would open the fridge she would sit up and wait for her carrot.
Blackcat31 07:04 AM 04-22-2013
Oh how adorably cute!!!
Cradle2crayons 10:09 AM 04-22-2013
Oh gosh how cute!!!! We have a lot of daycare pets lol... We have my daughters service dog she's an 8 year old jack Russell/rat terrier mix who is the best dog ever !!!! Then we have a 6 year old weenie dog who officially belongs to my husband... Then we have a 6 year old tortie rescue cat who spends 90% of her time outside... Then we have a 5 year old 25 lb cat we lovingly refer to as our golden retriever because he's the same color as one.... Then we rescued a cat 5 months ago and discovered that first night she had kittens somewhere... We went back to look and found four three week old babies..l we still have three of those... One who is mine, one who is my sons, and one who is my daughters... Well we made her appointment to get her spayed and she got pregnant while nursing and now she's about to BURST.. Due any day.. They already have homes... And mom has yet another spay appointment lol... Other than all that we have a pet rat and 20 chickens outside lol... Whewwwwww....

But anyway, what a cute bunny!!! And great for a daycare too... Can you write him off???? Lol
daycarediva 10:24 AM 04-22-2013
My dd has a rabbit, little dwarf lop eared cutie. She lives in DD's room, and is litter trained. The kids LOVE LOVE LOVE when dd brings her out and the bunny loves the extra greens the kids are given to feed her.
mema 10:32 AM 04-22-2013
Awe! She's cute! I won't show this to dd because she has been begging for over a year now for one. I told her only 2 animals at a time and we have a dog and a cat, so it could be awhile before she gets one.

I had one when I was a teen named Gilbert-after Gilbert Gottfried.Loved that critter! Litter trained. He wasn't allowed to roam tho unless all the doors were closed because he used to go under the beds and dig at the carpet and eat it.
Sugar Magnolia 10:46 AM 04-22-2013
So cute!!!! Awwww :-)

We had a school pet, a did not end well.
KDC 10:46 AM 04-22-2013
I am trying to litter train it!! It was born X-mas day... so almost 4 months old. She is not going in one corner all the time (I heard bunnies we're clean, and didn't like going #1 or #2 where they eat... hmmm... Layla doesn't seem to care? We're trying to use the octagon gate to keep her contained while training her to use her litter bin. We just got her Saturday afternoon, so I got a little while =) We got her from a cute rabbitry in WI. We saw some that were only 1 day old...

If we can keep her clean and not smelly, she can be an indoor rabbit. If we can not litter train her, she'll probably end up in a hutch outside soon =( Smelly rabbits are no good.
EntropyControlSpecialist 11:37 AM 04-22-2013
How cute!
BumbleBee 11:39 AM 04-22-2013
Awwwwwww.......I've had 2 bunnies in my time. They are awesome animals.
Oneluckymom 12:55 PM 04-22-2013
So darn cute !!
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