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daycarediva 03:02 PM 06-24-2013

I gave parents two options, bring in the listed supplies (swimsuit, change of summer clothes including underwear, hat, and water shoes or flip flops with the heel strap and reusable sport-style water bottle by FRIDAY)


write me a check for X amount by Friday, and I will supply it all.

No swim diapers, no sunscreen, no towels, no bug spray, I supplied EVERYTHING but the clothing.

ONE parent didn't just write me a check....
Guess who didn't have supplies Friday?
Guess who got a notice Friday to bring supplies by today?
Guess who didn't have supplies today?
Guess which dcg water played in her clothes and sneakers?
Guess who was REALLY annoyed about wet clothes?
Guess who was REALLY REALLY annoyed when I gave her the notice that if she doesn't bring them tomorrow she can't come?
Guess who was REALLY REALLY REALLY annoyed when she told me her college age cousin was in town for summer and wanted to take dcg 'a few days here and there for free' and could she bump down days, not come tomorrow, wed or thurs and I told her that her payment would still be due, that if she wanted to bump down days I need a two week notice per contract, they have to be set days AND I can't guarantee the spaces will be open in fall when college cousin goes back to college?

I feel like banging my head against the wall with that woman!
sharlan 03:11 PM 06-24-2013
Sometimes you just can't win no matter what you try.
Blackcat31 03:12 PM 06-24-2013
Guess who had to learn a lesson the hard way.....

Silly DCM.
crazydaycarelady 03:16 PM 06-24-2013
I'm guessing the "few days here and there for free" won't last long anyway!
daycarediva 04:14 PM 06-24-2013
I don't think it will last either, and dcm was very annoyed when I said I wouldn't guarantee her days in fall.

She was so snarky that she asked if she had to drop off the supplies even though dcg won't be here tomorrow, and I said yes.
AmyKidsCo 05:36 PM 06-24-2013
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