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New Members - Welcome to the Forum!>Booster Seat Or High Chair?
Urbankids 10:45 AM 06-25-2013
Hi there,
I have a question for all the teachers out there! I am starting a multi age centre, which is better, high chairs or booster seats? I want the little ones to be able to sit at the small tables with the rest of the children, but all the high chairs are really high, and the chairs that attach to the table will be too heavy for the small tables. Would any one suggest cutting the legs shorter on an ikea highchair? The little ones ange from 1-2 and some may not be resdy to sit on and stay in chair while eating. Any other suggestions? Thanks!
melilley 11:20 AM 06-25-2013
Hi. I used to work in centers and was the toddler lead teacher of children between the ages of 1-2. We just had little tables and chairs and all of the children sat in the chairs. We would just sit them down and believe it or not, most of them would stay. We would however, sit next to the children who would get up all the time (only when they were still eating )and would sit them back down when they would get up. Repetition works and eventually they get it and will sit and eat, especially when they associate sitting in a chair with
If this is not an option, I would go with highchairs. I personally don't like the booster seats at regular tables because you will get the children who like to push the table with their hands and I'm always afraid that they will tip over.
On a side note, I have one of those plastic picnic tables in my dining room (I have a FCC) for the children to eat at and my own 11 mo. old will go up to it and sit down and eat (he doesn't eat there all the time) and he does really well! I of course stand behind him to make sure he doesn't fall back and so far he has done great!
Blackcat31 11:22 AM 06-25-2013
I'd go with table and chairs that are already age appropriate. Get toddler chairs/table for the toddlers and preschool sized ones for the older kids.

I hate the thought of little ones doing table activities in chairs that are too tall or too big for them to maneuver themselves.

I use a high chair for my little ones to eat but I am family child care not a center. Most centers seem to have furniture for BOTH infant/toddler and preschool groups as well as separate play areas.
itlw8 02:40 PM 06-25-2013
I like transition chairs. I think mine were from Lakeshore... not sure. They have trays available if needed for infants and then later scoot up to the table with a seat belt. Then I quit using a seat belt around 20 months. they fit older kids also if needed.

It was very handy for a special needs child with balance problems. We did not need the seat belt but the sides gave him support.
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