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Michael 10:29 AM 08-02-2013
1) How Many Children Are Enrolled In Your Daycare?

Answer Percentage
1-5 52.99%
6-10 28.21%
11-15 13.68%
16-20 3.42%
20+ 1.71%

2) What Age Groups Do You Provide Daycare Service For?

Answer Percentage
Infant 32.62%
1-5 years 39.72%
6-10 years 17.73%
11 years 8.16%
0-18 years 1.77%

3) What Meals Do You Serve?

Answer Percentage
Breakfast 29.43%
Lunch 31.71%
Dinner 7.43%
Snacks 31.43%

4) How Much Per Month Do You Spend On Daycare Oriented Items Such As Cleaning Products, Food, Diapers, Office Supplies, etc.?

Answer Percentage
$1-$100 22.22%
$100-$300 45.3%
$300-$500 17.09%
$500+ 15.38%

5) Where Do You Shop For Those Items?

Answer Percentage
Walmart 22.78%
Supermarket 16.46%
Target 13.92%
Costco 10.13%
Other 11.14%
Online 9.87%
Amazon 8.61%
Sams Club 7.09%

6) What Items Would You Like To See At A Discount On

GLOVES! Cleaning products
Printer ink, toys, books
Preschool curriculum, art supplies, diapers, wipes, office supplies.
Rubber gloves for diaper changes craft supplies if all were cheap enough I would buy all from one place instead I am buying maybe 4 different online places plus physical stores.
Discounts on crafts, office supplies, wet wipes, learning Supplies.
No idea, but its a cool concept
Toys, Books, arts and craft supplies
Paper goods, art supplies, all of the consumables that we tend to go through so quickly
curriculum, craft and art material, paint, gloves, changing table paper roll, etc
The bigger items such as play equipment and furniture
Advertising, toys
Education supplies
Preschool programs. Field trip packages for different areas.
Memberships to Costco/amazon prime :-)
Toys, daycare supplies
Kinetic sand
Curriculum related materials
craft supplies, kids magazines, daycare supplies
Wood toys
educational items and curriculum items/sets
cots for kids. snacks craft supplies
toys -books -teaching packets -arts/crafts -daycare decor
I'm pretty good at comparison shopping online, so it would have to be cheaper then everywhere else to be considered.
The things that we use a lot, drawing paper and other craft supplies, gloves. Perhaps a discount deal with the favorite diaperbrand of
Good quality toys, dc book keeping aids.
My biggest expense is milk. Dollar General gets my most business.
Books, both reference (child care business related) and children's, daycare specific Furniture and fixtures, daycare related classroom supplies and equipment.
Milk, peanut butter, fruits, vegetables
Books, manipulatives, curriculum kits, kinder mats/sheets, art supplies
professional liability insurance
Cots, play pens, diapers, blankets, sheets, toys
Cleaning supplies bleach etc.
Toys, books, furniture such as book shelves, carpets.
2grls4us 11:51 AM 08-02-2013
Just curious how many providers completed the survey?
Lyss 01:18 PM 08-02-2013
Thanks for posting! It's interesting to see where the results fall.

Some great ideas for discounts!
EntropyControlSpecialist 01:21 PM 08-02-2013
very neat!
Michael 07:59 PM 08-04-2013
Originally Posted by 2grls4us:
Just curious how many providers completed the survey?
Around 200
coolconfidentme 03:52 AM 08-05-2013
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