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hhdc 12:58 PM 11-22-2013
I invited the parents to a holiday party this year. I am not a holiday party person at all. So now I am wondering what I should do with everyone for the time they are here. I made is 5-6:30 and don't know if everyone will stay that long. My thoughts are having food out-something easy I can prep ahead of time. I also want to have some kind of craft for the kids to do. I have mostly toddlers but since their parents are going to be there it could be something they can help with. Some of the families aren't current so I can't really plan anything for the kids to do ahead of time. The point is for everyone to meet since drop off and pick up is at different times not everyone knows one another at all. Anyone have any great holiday craft ideas?
littleblossoms 01:24 PM 11-22-2013
will be following this post as i need ideas too. I also invite parents
snbauser 02:38 PM 11-22-2013
I typically do mine as a dinner on a Friday night. It's nothing fancy - spaghetti, meatballs, salad, and bread. During the day the kids decorate cookies for dessert. I usually do a small craft with the kids. Never anything that is painted or requires glue since I want them to be able to take it home with them. In the past I have done the scratch paper (it's black and has colors under it when you scratch it) and cut them into shapes like bells. I've also bought sticker scene's and sticker snowmen from oriental trading company. Things like that. The parents hae seemed to enjoy it in the past. I tell them not to come pick their kids up and to just show up at 5:30. We sit and eat no later than 6:00 and typically they are all gone by 8:00. It's short and sweet, the parents get to meet each other and take a break from the holiday rush, and it is over and done with fairly quickly. I don't do any type of "show" or entertainment other than maybe having holiday music in the background. The kids are typically getting tired and are not cooperative in "performing".
Lorri 03:47 PM 11-22-2013
I have a big party every year. I love it. I have my brother in law dress as Santa, I buy them each a five dollar gift and he gives it to them. Then we have a gift exchange. I usually have sloppy joe and hot dogs cheeses veggie trays and all kinds of food goodies then I have a treasure hunt, with clues, usually starts with Santa saying he was in a rush and left stuff all threw out the house and then in the letter he gives the first clue. Then I print off Christmas bingo and then we play that. It is a great way for parent to meet
sahm1225 06:02 PM 11-22-2013
We do a party every year. Santa comesto visit and hand out small gifts. The kids take home their crafts & decorations, plus the gifts they have bought for their parents (we buy a whole bunch of things and set up a 'store'
At daycare. The parents send money for the kids to buy things and we help them
Wrap them up. The kids and parents love it!).

We usually have music playing and last year we had a video playing throughout the party of the kids rehearsals for their Christmas pageant, the last part of the video is of their performance. It's super cute!

How about cut out stockings that they decorate with stickers? Or a few peel & stick crafts from oriental trading? Or sugar cookies that the kids decorate and then take home?
Josiegirl 02:53 PM 11-23-2013
Some cool ideas. I've been tossing around the idea of hosting a cookie exchange or ornament making party but can't seem to push myself to make the commitment. I'm terribly introverted but I know the parents might like it(if their time isn't completely consumed during the usual holiday rush). Many of my dcps are new and don't really know each other or who their kids are playing with.
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