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missy 05:20 PM 06-13-2014 does your center keep track of payments? Like who owes what each week and who paid, who didnt. We just cant seem to find an efficient system. We allow part time and flexible schedules so one parent's days change every week often times.

Michael 05:36 PM 06-13-2014
I think many here use Minute Menu for that.
NightOwl 05:50 PM 06-13-2014
Yes, I wish I had know about minute menu when I ran a center. It's fantastic! But before that, I used an excel spreadsheet that was very effective. I'd be happy to email it to you if you would like. Just pm me your email address.
mskaykay 07:34 PM 06-13-2014
We use childcare manager which is easy once you get the hang of it. Recently I added rapid tuition and it processes checks and credit cards all in one program
Sugar Magnolia 08:32 AM 06-14-2014
So embarrassing........ I'm a small center owner/director/teacher.

I'm basically terrified of computer programs. I'm not savvy, AT ALL, basically paralyzed by my avoidance of technology. I have a parent who makes my attendance sheets. I make newsletters and parent handbooks on my own, and maintain a really simple fb page. Another parent made my website.

I know this probably isn't the most effective system in the world......but my method for keeping track of payments, tuitions, etc is......drum roll please.....a spiral notebook and a pen. I'm interested in this stuff, but my system works for me so I'm scared to try these programs. I bought Quicken or something and never got the hang of it. Heeeeeelp.......I can't give up my notebook.
NightOwl 09:21 AM 06-14-2014
I'm sending my spreadsheet to op, sugar. I'd be happy to send it to you also. Once it's printed out, you can make a billion copies and never have to touch your computer again!
Sugar Magnolia 09:36 AM 06-14-2014
I'll pm you later Wednesday!
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