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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Should I rent this location to start my daycare business?
Unregistered 10:17 AM 12-10-2014
Hello everyone. I've been looking for a location to start up a children daycare center. However, most of the location I visited was either a bad location or rent is too high.
I found a place on a busy location. People who drive to downtown to work most likely will pass by this location. Now my question is, the new location I like was previously a restaurant. Inside of it pretty much everything has been taken down, except for the kitchen. Does anyone know how would this work?Would the zoning require me to tear down the kitchen before I ca operate a daycare or I have to get some sort of licensing because I have a kitchen in the daycare.
Also lastly usually setting a daycare up how long the process is. I heard some owners pay rent every month up to a year and they are still not yet ready to open.

I live in Philadelphia, Pa
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