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Unregistered 07:57 PM 01-08-2009
I sold my daycare in Louisiana and left the Children and Employee files till the new owner could have everyone update the required forms under the new facility/owner. She is in the same building/location. Shouldn't I have all the old records on hand for audit/tax etc. purposes are is this normal/legel for the new owner to keep them? The new owner said she called state and they said she had to keep them ( I'm not at all sure she actually called.) Help!
lilbiddapopcorn 06:34 AM 01-09-2009
Don't stress. It's nothing that can't be solved with a simple phone call to state yourself and a copy machine. Can't one of you have the originals and one have copies? Again, if you're concerned she may not have called state herself as she says, all you have to do is make the call yourself.
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