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Katie 07:23 PM 02-15-2009
As the owner of a home daycare, I know that quality software that is relevant to the field is impossible to find. It simply does not exist! I needed a simple program that calculates for me and allows me to keep all my monthly records, in one easy application. And I can't screw it up!! We have created an awesome childcare software program that is perfect for your home business. With this software you can:

* Track Child attendance
* Monthly calendar
* Attendance and income record
* Monthly expense record
* Equipment and home improvement record
* Home and utility expenses
* Food program tracker
* Over 40 pages!

This program will be emailed to the winning bidder. It runs on Microsoft excel.

To view screen shots and more info about this item and to purchase please use the link below to visit the item on Ebay!

HomeSweetHomeDaycare 01:25 PM 02-17-2009
Wow....Thats a pretty cool looking program, Im going to look into getting it!

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