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mitcheaa 10:54 PM 05-28-2009
I know I probably should have given them notice but....
After months of habitual lateness with no notice
Feeding their child at my home so I could do their dishes
and NEVER paying me on time...
I told them they couldn't bring their child anymore at all. They claimed they were "paid up" through the end of the month, but they weren't. They still owed another week. Finally, they emailed saying they considered themselves paid up- so I replied that they couldn't bring their kid anymore at all. They don't have backup childcare, but I really don't consider that my problem. They would show up hours late because they "had to run errands" after work. Was it horrible for me not to give them notice, or did they even deserve notice?
GretasLittleFriends 05:49 PM 05-29-2009
Did you have a signed contract with them? If so, what did it say about termination? If there was no contract, then I guess I would have given them was an explanation as to why you were terminating immediately without notice and included specifically because they didn't give you any notifications.

Just my .02
Unregistered 11:35 AM 05-30-2009
In my handbook, it states that under the following circumstances, I could terminate care immediately.
*Failure of parent to abide the handbook policies.
*failure of parent to pay childcare fees
*aggressive behavior of child.

Other than that, I state I would give 2 but would try to give 4 weeks termination notice.

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