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seashell 09:53 AM 07-02-2009
I just posted this elsewhere, but I thought it would be good to post in case you don't read that thread.

I just got free post cards, business cards, posters, magnets . . . and a ton of other stuff to advetise my home daycare with from a company called Vistaprint. All I paid was shipping, which was a bit high, but considering the free stuff, I didn't mind.

You custom design your own stuff. The website is PM me if you would like to see a copy of the stuff I did.

I dropped my cards in mailboxes and put stacks at the library, grocery store, pedietricians office . . . anywhere parents might be. I also dropped a business card into diaper bags for sale at wallmart. (Sneeky, but you never know!)

Another great place to advertise for free is craigslist.

Good luck!
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