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Jbroxton 12:49 PM 07-03-2009
Hi everyone, I was just wanting to post this because I thought it could possibly be really helpful to daycare and child watching services.

Now this system might not be helpful to smaller places since they are much more personable but for a larger nursery in a church or gym etc these work like a charm. These are Nursery Security Labels they are a really simple system at the most basic level it can be used like this:

The parent drops off the child and they have a two part label one goes with the child the other goes with the parent so when the parent comes back they have the matching label with corresponding numbers this prevents many obvious things like if the other parent of the child comes there's no question whether they can take the child because if they don't have the matching label no kid, preventing any serious situations.

They also have warning labels that tell if a child has certain allergies or if they have a possible sticky situation such as separated parents among many other things.

These have proven to be fantastic and they are alot cheaper and simpler to use then a computerized check-in system plus it works well if you already have number boards.

You can get them from here

Well thats about it Good luck fellow kid watchers!
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