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sahm2three 09:19 AM 05-17-2010
UGH! I know it is most likely an adjustment period to newly having lots of other kids in my home. I have a family of 4 boys that I care for, and since day one, at least one of them have had a cold every single day. I was ok until I went in to get my tetanus shot (and had a severe reaction to it), and I believe it lowered my immune system because I have not been well since! I have caught cold after cold after cold! I NEVER get sick! I am so frustrated because like I said, I am never sick. I don't know what to do!! I am off for a few days this week, so I am hoping I can get over this cold and then do some things to amp up my immune system. Did anyone else go thru this when they first started?
tenderhearts 10:12 AM 05-17-2010
I hope you get better. Actually for me, I was a pharmacy tech before I started daycare and I got colds and virus's all the time it seemed. When I started daycare over 11 years ago, I think I've had mild colds and that's it. Haven't had any flu's ect. I'm a firm believer of vit. C, so when any of my kids, or dck get a cold, I take lots of it, seems to work well for me Hope you get better.
Daycare Mommy 10:46 AM 05-17-2010
For illnesses running through the daycare, I take Airborne and I think that helps.
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