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Unregistered 02:18 PM 01-20-2012
I have a new boy that started Dec 5th - he is three yrs old and all my established kids DO NOT like him AT all..they scream, whine, cry anytime this boy comes around them..I try so hard to get them to get along but it just isnt working. Any advice ? I keep toying with the terminating him except he is only here M-W and has a sister so its good money..but Im not sure the money is worth it. I have started new kids in the passed and never have had this problem...

Frustrating !!

Thanks for any help...

Heidi 02:31 PM 01-20-2012
Is it something he's doing, like taking toys, interfering with building, or such? If so, he needs to be taught, and he NEEDS those skills.

On the other hand, if "they" are just doing some sort of herd thing, you need to set them straight. Everyone is included here at ***'s house, guys. I will not allow you to be mean to anyone.
Unregistered 02:52 PM 01-20-2012
Sometimes yes, he takes toys and runs and I correct him on that,...but he even looks at them or comes too close to them the kids whine. I have talked to everyone to let them know he is here to stay and we all need to get along and treat him with respect and be friends etc..I give the same speeches daily...I have been working hard on getting everyone to get along but we're going on almost two months...In the beginning I thought it would get better but not sure if it will..
DanceMom 02:56 PM 01-20-2012
(Logged in now )

He is just really an annoying little boy - mean to say but he is annoying to the kids. It isnt so much that he is mean to them..he just annoys them...I just wonder if over more time everyone will learn to get along or if there is a "trick" that I havent done yet to get them to all get along..when he isnt here THursday and Fridays its almost like I have a day off - its so peaceful - everyone gets along so well. It isnt a "herding" thing...Even the 1 yr olds dont like him...its wierd !!
e.j. 06:34 PM 01-20-2012
The first question that popped into my head was, "Is he pinching them or hurting them in some way when you're not looking?"

Most of my one year olds are pretty accepting of the other kids in the group no matter what their behavior is like. It seems strange that the 1 year olds in your group would react to him the way they are if he weren't doing something to cause them pain.
dave4him 06:41 PM 01-20-2012
i know the feeling, i have four one year olds... sometimes none of them like each other and my five year old cant stand one of them.
Hunni Bee 10:10 AM 01-21-2012
I agree with some of the PP...he must be doing something to him that you don't see. Kids are hardwired to like other kids, and kids as young as one wouldn't just decide they didn't like a certain kid, especially an older one. Little kids love older kids.

I've never had this issue...I have a 4yo right now that doesn't get along too well with my others, but I know exactly why. His behavior sucks.

I'd pair him with a different kid everyday, right under your nose. Maybe sit down with them for a few and model "nice playing" with him.
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