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LoraJenkins 12:08 PM 04-11-2013
I had a new 18 month old DCB start this week and I got a big surprise. The new DCB is adjusting a LOT better than I had expected. No issues with naps, separation from DCM, really surprising. BUT my 16 month old DCB that has been in my care for a year IS having MAJOR jealousy issues! He cried for 1 1/2 hours this morning...wanting to be held....not letting the new DCB near me! Any suggestions? I really did not expect this from him!
Michael 02:20 PM 04-11-2013
Couple of Tags that may help:
LoraJenkins 02:43 PM 04-11-2013
Thank you so much Michael. Funny thing, when the new DCB went home the jealous one cried because he left. Go figure!
Evansmom 02:55 PM 04-11-2013
This isn't uncommon, DCB who is jealous will adjust and I bet in a few weeks those two will be good friends
Tags:jealous, possessive
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