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AfterSchoolMom 01:16 PM 06-09-2011
This kind of stuff is the reason why it becomes necessary to vent!

Just found out that SA boy isn't coming today b/c he's home sick. DCM says "yeah, he went to the Dr. for strep last week, but he's still battling". Um...first off, he was here EVERY DAY last week. Secondly, his sibling has been here every day last week and this week and is here today even though I know DCM is home with SA boy.

I hate hate HATE getting sick in the summer. Strep has been running rampant here since last month, so someone in my family is sure to get it. They've been knowingly exposing us to it for the last two weeks without a word until today.

Anyone know the incubation period for that? He's on meds now, but last week is what I'm worried about.
momma4many 02:02 PM 06-09-2011
I looked it up once b/c of similar concern, and I think its about 14 days, but dont quote me on that. Sorry your having to deal w/ this! Hope you all skate clear of it. Strep is nasty!
Blackcat31 02:09 PM 06-09-2011

It says 2-5 days for incubation
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