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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Wholly Strep Throat!! :(
SunflowerMama 12:03 PM 10-16-2011
I have 4 kids right now with strep throat (2 of which are my own).

The first tested positive Thursday, 2 yesterday and 1 today (all 4-5 year olds).

I'm going to email the mom of my 6 month old dcb just to give her a head's up b/c they were out Friday and the mom of my 3 month old dcb knows that my 2 tested positive yesterday.

Would you do anything else as far as releasing names of those that have it or just tell everyone that the kids have been exposed and keep your eye out for symptoms.

Ironically enough 3 of the 4 that tested positive had vomitting as their first symptom. Thought it was a bug and then one got tested so when others started vomitting they took them in and all tested positive.

They all have improved after 24 hrs on antibiotics so I think all could be back tomorrow.

What do you do when you have little outbreaks like this??
Michael 01:10 PM 10-16-2011
kendallina 05:11 PM 10-16-2011
I just make sure that I inform parents that it's going around. I never release names or any other information. I would mention that it started with vomiting in this case. Hope everyone's feeling better soon!
sharlan 05:45 PM 10-16-2011
Parents seem to figure things out rather quickly.

I would call the infants' parents and give them a heads up.
dave4him 05:54 PM 10-16-2011
Meyou 01:25 AM 10-17-2011
I would give a head's up too! They probably will want to keep the babies away for a couple of extra days, just in care. I would.

Good luck to you! I hope your kid's aren''t suffering too much and fingers crossed you escape.
Lilbutterflie 07:18 AM 10-17-2011
My own DD got strep this past Thursday evening; and I think if I remember correctly we live fairly close to you Sunflower Mama (I live off Hwy 380 in Providence Village). I know it's going around like crazy.

I definitely would just communicate that they have all been exposed.

I actually closed on Friday b/c my DD was so completely miserable that she required constant care until the antibiotics kicked in.

Don't worry, things like this happen. Strep is highly contagious, and you don't always see the signs b/c the symptoms can first appear as other things. For my child (she's had it SIX times in her 6 yrs of life), it's always been a severe headache followed very shortly thereafter by severe sore throat. Then I look at the tonsils and see puss pockets back there. I usually know it's strep before the Dr. even confirms it.
nannyde 07:53 AM 10-17-2011
I do a minimum of a two day exclusion for strep and they have to be completely fever free for 24 hours and be able to eat.
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