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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Do Any Of You "Hire" Your School Agers During The Summer?
iheartkids 10:52 AM 05-17-2012
I am trying to think of something constructive that will keep my DD busy over the summer so she doesn't waste it away loafing around. She is going into 6th grade and the kids in the neighborhood are around her age but mainly boys. She's had a blast playing with them over the past years but now they are getting at that wierd boy vs. girl stage and they are not so nice to her. So I was trying to think of something she could do to help me and maybe she could earn a little extra cash. Maybe not everyday but maybe a 2 hour time frame here or there? What do you all think? Will she love the idea or hate it?
Meyou 11:13 AM 05-17-2012
I pay my 13 year old $100 per week or $20 per day to play with the kids and do washroom runs for me at the beach in the summer. She works for about 3.5 hours per day but most of that is playing. It keeps her busy, gives her some money for back to school shopping and most importantly (for me) is that she is helping me out but doesn't feel like her life revolves around DC since it's her job.
wdmmom 11:26 AM 05-17-2012
I pay my 12 year old $3 an hour to help wipe hands and faces, change diapers and clean. She is a huge help, it doesn't cost me an arm and a leg plus she still has time to be a kid and have fun.
BusyBee 11:37 AM 05-17-2012
I am paying mine to help this summer too. Not a lot because she is younger, but she is super excited and already has plans for her $$. I am excited because it will be a nice lesson for her. She has to put some in savings, some for charity/church, and the rest to keep.
familyschoolcare 04:59 PM 05-18-2012
I just stared paying my 13 year old in kind. She has a monthly time sheet, we keep track of the hours and I buy stuff based on the number of hours she has worked. She plays games with the kids, sit with them and colors and has asked to take them to the local park three blocks away. However, as per lic. regs. I can not leave the children alone with her as she is not an adult.
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