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MissLisa08 09:05 AM 05-04-2021
I am updating my emergency bag. Making sure I have everything I need. Restocking anything needed. What do you keep in your bag? I am looking to add to it if you have some ideas I have not thought of.
284878 09:51 AM 05-04-2021
What is the bag for?
MissLisa08 10:27 AM 05-04-2021
The bag is for if you had to leave in the case of an emergency. So earthquake or fire etc
e.j. 05:38 PM 05-04-2021
I put everything in my emergency bag that the state says I have to have in my First Aid kit: Adhesive tape, instant cold pack, gauze pads, gauze roller bandages, non-latex disposable gloves, Band Aids, thermometer, tweezers, scissors and a CPR mouth guard. I also put copies of the kids' emergency cards, a few diapers in a couple of different sizes, wipes, a water bottle or two, hand sanitizer, Neosporin, information about me (my name, address, ICE contact) in case something happens to me and a small amount of cash.
284878 07:40 AM 05-06-2021
Come join us at the new site
Cat Herder 10:32 AM 05-06-2021
I keep the typical stuff plus a couple short boards/cling for splinting, a Pedi board for immobilization, chemical ice packs and a lawn wagon for quick movement with the entire group in tow, JIC of green/brown/blue out. (we have over 18 unfilled police, forestry, fire and ems positions right now, more as of next week. We were down to a skeleton crew before that. We are not alone, it will become national any minute, now. Maybe people will remember then.... but I digress)

Playground trauma is the most likely scenario, so planning for that makes the most sense. I also have an AED.
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