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Country Kids 09:48 AM 09-25-2012
What do you do when a child is an older preschooler and still wears pull-ups for sleeptime but doesn't want to. This child has just realized they are the only one here that wears pullups as there are younger/same age ones that don't use them.

Child will wet in them if they fall asleep. If they don't have one on (have forgotten to have them put one on) they won't go rest/sleep. Actually has reminded me that they don't have one on if I have forgotten.

Well, this last week they have been asking mom/dad and me if kids wear pull-ups at naptime. Its starting to bother the child I think that none of their friends wear them. They always ask to change right after naptime so I know they are still going in it during naptime.

Parents said if child stays dry then they would like to stop using them. Well child will only stay dry if they stay wide awake and ask a milion times to go potty during naptime.

Have any of you done this or would you?
itlw8 10:40 AM 09-25-2012
some children need them and some do not. They also need to sleep so if you need it to rest you wear it. It they are going before nap and still wet they need to wear them
Nickel 11:11 AM 09-25-2012
I would keep her in them. My own child still wears pull up during nap. Sometimes she wakes up dry, sometimes wet. I just tell her that some girls still need pull ups and some don't. It's nothing to worry about. Try making it a non issue. Even my 6 yr old nephew wears pulls up to bed (not at nap,he doesn't get one anymore)
rhymia1 11:20 AM 09-25-2012
I allow no pull ups if the child is staying dry with one for at least a week. It sounds like your dc kid isn't even there yet. I'm sure you already are, but can you be more discreet about her putting one on for nap? Maybe if she thinks no one else knows it might not be such an issue?
JenNJ 11:22 AM 09-25-2012
Some kids need Pull Ups and others don't. there is nothing wrong with wearing a Pull Up when you are sleeping.

I make kids wear them until they are dry 2 weeks though nap. If they can do 2 FULL weeks in a row dry, I allow then to nap without them. Any accidents and the Pull Ups go back on for 2 weeks. Same as my regular PT policy.
canadiancare 02:16 PM 09-25-2012
I always tell them that if they can sleep for the week and stay dry EVERY day then we will try it after the weekend with just underwear. I don't make a big deal if it is wet when they wake up and I just say we will keep trying.
daycarediva 03:12 PM 09-25-2012
I do one week dry, then they can try to stay in undies. All but one of my daycare kids that are PT don't wear them, but my own ds needs them. 10 minutes asleep and he wets

I have a dcg that is PETRIFIED of wetting the bed (no idea what her parents did but it is an absolute genuine FEAR) and INSISTS on wearing one, even though she has NEVER wet her pants here. I toss a clean pull up daily, and we put it on VERY discreetly, after story she asks to go potty and I help just her, close door, potty and slip on pull up, put clothes over, back to lay down. Same with after nap. None of the kids have caught on and I have some nosey boogers!
Country Kids 03:16 PM 09-25-2012
This one stayed awake all but 20 min. of naptime so they wouldn't nap and got up a few times to go to the bathroom.

No one would have known but they told everyone they wore them!
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