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MomBoss 12:45 PM 04-19-2019
I need to send DCM a message about her dcb 2.5yrs. She sent him with pullups that do not have the open and close sides. So a bit annoying to put on and off as now he has to completely undress to change his pullup. that he always poops in. He does not use the toilet here.
I dont like using pullups as i feel its just a glorified diaper that doesnt hold poop well. Pullups are better for kids who usually go on the toilet but may have an accident if we are playing outside or during nap.
I hate confrontation of any sort and have no idea how to explain that she needs to buy new pullups without seeming like im annoyed lol
hwichlaz 01:02 PM 04-19-2019
I'd request regular diapers. A pull up should last at least through nap time more often than not, if a kid is ready. I usually require diapers until they are using the toilet regularly.
happymom 01:06 PM 04-19-2019

I thought this post was going to be about pullups (calisthenics)

Don't think of it as something confrontational, just tell why they don't work and ask if she can send something else. If she is working on potty training him maybe they can switch to something like Huggies Slip-On Diapers. They hold like diapers, and have the sides that come apart.
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