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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Does Anyone Have NO Sleepers?
newtodaycare22 09:09 AM 02-11-2011
Granted, I only have preschoolers, 3-5, and no babies....

But lately, my "sleepers" are not sleeping at all. Out of 6 or 7, usually 3 or 4 sleep and the others relax. When it's all 6 or 7 awake, I almost feel bad making nap 2 hours. lol Does anyone else have kids that are all awake?
DCMom 09:22 AM 02-11-2011
Lately I have, but I think it's because been so cold here that we haven't gotten outside to get tired!

My three babies sleep, so the five 3-5's need to at least be quiet. I let them lay on their mats and watch a movie (it's the only TV we have during the day) so I get maybe an hour of true quiet, but then we do quiet things like read books or do puzzles together.

It's actually been kinda fun; the conversations we carry on are quite humorous sometimes...
AnythingsPossible 09:25 AM 02-11-2011
Not all, but i have two girls that are 5 and they are inconsistent nappers, and when they do nap it is only 45 minutes at the most. They know to lay quietly when they wake up, but if they know the other is up, they fiddle around a lot more. I think they figure if they twist and turn enough I will tell them to get up.
I do find that kids nap less this time of year for me. I attribute it to not getting out to play as much as we normally do. They aren't that physically stimulated so they don't need as much rest.
Here, if everyone wakes up early, I cut nap time short. Someday's it's an hour and a half or less. I do think it's fine for them to lay down and rest for awhile, even if they aren't sleeping.
If it was me and they were all awake, I wouldn't go much over an hour, but when they get up, I would keep the curtains drawn and my music on and tell them we are getting up, but we are going to do quiet activities. Everyone needs down time.
elle73 09:28 AM 02-11-2011
I have 2 kids that don't nap a 4yr old and 6yrs(my daughter), they know they have to be quiet but I don't make them sit on a cot they can either watch tv, color, read a book or play with toys as long as they are quiet. My dck's nap upstairs so its abit easier for me.
Danielle 10:04 AM 02-11-2011
My daughter tends to be the only one that naps (when part time toddler isnt here...part time baby isn't here during nap time). They all just lay on the mats and watch a movie. I tell them they don't have to nap but they have to be quiet. Then I pray that atleast that my son (the 3 year old) naps. The movie normally last an hour and a half or so.
nannyde 04:24 PM 02-11-2011
Everyone naps every day. I don't provide service to children who don't NEED a full afternoon nap.
SilverSabre25 06:10 PM 02-11-2011
My own DD is the only one who doesn't nap; I don't mind *at all* though because she gets some downtime of her own to play without the dcks interfering, to get special mama time and mama snuggles, and I do insist that she have "quiet time" for an hour or so. She gets to watch a movie/streamed show on Netflix, play Starfall on the computer, do crafts she can't do with the dcks's good for both of us.
Zoe 09:32 AM 02-12-2011
I have 2 5yos. One is my DD. We have a 4 bedroom house, so my nappers are in the "nap room" and my non-nappers, who are almost school age, have "rest/quiet" time in my DD's room. They have to lay down with NO talking for 30-45 minutes, while watching a movie. Then they can play quietly for the rest of the time. If they talk during rest time or if they aren't quiet, then they don't get a sticker on their listen chart for that time.

I don't know what I'm going to do next year when my daughter is at Kindergarten, maybe not take kids after they turn 5 so that I don't have to deal with No-nappers.
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