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lovemykidstoo 08:08 AM 11-04-2017
I need to write a new info sheet for my parents. Mine just doesn't look professional I don't think. It doesn't convey that hey this are real rules that you need to follow. I also want to add that payment is due Friday morning instead of at the end of the day. I can now do the deposits with my credit union by phone, but if I do it at 5:30, it's not hitting my account until Monday. So if I could do them at 4:00, it would work. I need something about late fees after 5:30. I also want to put that not everyone has the same cut off time. For instance, someone may be contracted until 5:00, someone may be contracted to 5:30 etc. Can anyone message me a sample of theirs please? I want to pass these out Monday. Thank you all so much!
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