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mac60 05:11 PM 10-09-2011
Just happened to stop into the Goodwill store today in the next town over....there was a trapezoid table there with my name on it. I purchased it for $4. It is just like the one in the link below. My little darlings can't destroy this one like they have done to the past 2 tables, ripping homes in them. Only thing I don't like is it is not foldable. But will easily seat 4 to 6 kids.
Crystal 05:45 PM 10-09-2011
Awesome find!!! Yeah, you're little table sitters shouldn't be able to break this one!
rbmom 08:53 PM 10-09-2011
Yay! Great table!
Abigail 08:53 PM 10-09-2011
I wish we had larger items at our local second-hand shops here. They don't seem to carry many big items, but I sure can find the small item good deals.
daycare 09:03 PM 10-09-2011
What a score. Everything at our goodwill is super expensive It's crazy.
I see stuff from the target dollar bins there all the time and they try to sell it for $1.49.
I have yet to find a score at any of my goodwills.
mac60 03:34 AM 10-10-2011
I don't go to GoodWill 2 times per year, I don't like our store. It is a mess, items are dirty, and prices are high.

A couple weeks ago I was looking for a long nightie to attempt to make a sleep sack/or use for a pattern to make one. I randomly stopped at our local GoodWill, and low and behold, I found a toddler size HALO Sleep Sack for $1. So now I have 1 and will use it for a pattern.

I went to the next town over yesterday, haven't been in that GoodWill in pry 2 years, just by chance went in and found the table for $4. I guess it was meant to be. It was kind of dirty, but I got it home, disinfected it well, and the top cleaned off great.

I may have to check in more often.
hoopinglady 03:44 AM 10-10-2011
the goodwill.

Great find! That table should last a very long time.
mismatchedsocks 06:19 AM 10-10-2011
Thats a great find!! Our thrift stores are hit or miss. I never can seem to find big items when I am looking for them!
Former Teacher 06:47 AM 10-10-2011
I love, love, LOVE, our Goodwill store! I shop there as often as I can.

I also love the auction site. It's I shop there all the time as well. However you really have to watch it there with the shipping etc.

Great job on your find Mac!
boysx5 07:08 AM 10-10-2011
I love Goodwill found great deals there this weekend
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