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Hunni Bee 05:18 PM 01-11-2012
I have a pretty good group, behavior-wise. They get whiny and irritable kinda often, but they don't hit, fight, destroy stuff, and they listen most of the time.

I got a new four-year-old last week, and he is such a square peg. He is very disobedient, he plays very rough and loudly, and he thinks all discipline is funny. He's cute as a button, but he's grating on my last nerve.

The other kids haven't really bonded with him yet, either. He grabs their toys, wrecks their games by trampling through them (he runs everywhere), he plays at lunch...

And he's horrible at nap - takes his covers off the mat, takes shoes off, wakes up other kids. Best way to get my bad side.

I don't want to sound as if I don't like him, because he's very cute and sweet, and I do like him. But he came in the door misbehaving and not listening and hasn't stopped since. All the discipline (time-out, loss of privileges, etc.) I come up with, he finds it funny or just simply ignores it.

And he's kind of busting up my good thing ...I don't know how to show him I mean business without being a Mean Lady, and he even finds that funny.
Half-Pint Hide-Out 12:34 PM 01-13-2012
If you figure out what to do...please let me know!! I've had one little guy here for about a year that is the same way and is only here one day a week. The rest of the week, my kids are all pretty well-behaved, but on Fridays when he is here...all heck breaks loose! It doesn't help that his parents are the quick, throw him in the door and run type and that he's always picked up by grandparents...I never have a chance to discuss the behavior with them! Hope you find some help with this issue and I totally sympathize!!
Heidi 02:05 PM 01-13-2012
They are quick running out the door types because they don't want to know!

I am convinced of this because that is def the situation with some of my group. That, and mom is just frazzled.

Some people see you as partners, but some of them seem to just want a place to wharehouse their children safely while they do what they have to do. My ex husband used to say they were in denial somehow, that those people resent that we even exist vs. appreciating us.

Honestly, one of my dc moms has said she'd rather be a sahm, but I think she and I both know that it would not be a good fit for her, so part of her is jealous, and the better I am at my job, the more inadequate she feels. I don't know that she even does it conciously.

sorry to hijack! I forgot what the orignal question was !!!!
cheerfuldom 03:24 PM 01-13-2012
are you sure you want to keep him? maybe stretch out the trial period but don't feel bad if he is not a good fit. I know what you mean about one kid just not really fitting in well with the others. of course they don't like him when he is mean, disruptive and so forth.
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