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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Should I have Turned them Away at the Door?
Breezy 07:33 AM 09-04-2012
DCM dropped off DCB this morning and says he was super crabby all weekend (Yup he was crabby all last week too-probably teething!) And she says to let her know if I notice anymore of "these". Well "these" are three pimple like things on his leg. She says they are going to the doctor on Saturday. They don't look like bug bites either so I don't know what they are. He is 8 months old.

Not technically a rash right? Probably innocent... What would you have done?
familyschoolcare 07:44 AM 09-04-2012
can you keep them covered just in case they are something contagous.
Breezy 07:51 AM 09-04-2012
I could tape gauze over them but I'm sure it would be pulled off within seconds lol
Meyou 08:07 AM 09-04-2012
Chicken pox look like pimples. Keep a close eye on him for more.
Nickel 08:50 AM 09-04-2012
I don't think I would worry too much about it unless it starts spreading or looks ***** or infected. Bug bites come in all shapes and sizes, so it could be bug bites. Ant bites for instance look horrible and if the person has a reaction they can look down right gross! And while it could be chicken pox I think most children are vaccinated against them (another reason I ask all parents if they are utd on shots). There are tons of things it could be and 3 little pumps doesn't scream outbreak to me. But you never know! A lot of time even the doctor's don't know! My daughter was sick for a while and had a rash and they said it was basically nothing. Then we went for a follow up and her pediatrician said she has slap cheek or 5th disease. Basically a virus. No one else got it but it sure did explain why my child was red. Rashes and other illnesses are super hard to diagnose.... Sorry, I think I got side tracked. If it was me, I would just keep an eye on it or put pants on him.
youretooloud 08:56 AM 09-04-2012
It's probably hand foot mouth. Our kids always get the sores on the legs and diaper area ,never on the hands or feet.

The ones in the mouth and throat are painful and could be why he's cranky.
MaritimeMummy 10:09 AM 09-04-2012
I just dealt with hand, foot, and mouth. Did she mention anything about a fever? Having just seen this, that is what I am inclined to say it is.

FWIW, my son (we think) was the original carrier, and he was misdiagnosed on a Saturday evening. I had two DCKs come to me on Monday morning, and one stayed out sick. One of the DCKs who came, ended up going home before noon. DCK who stayed home was taken to her doctor who diagnosed as H, F,&M. I closed the next day, on Tuesday, and by Wednesday I was allowing children to return as long as they were fever-free for 24 hours without the aid of fever reducers, and were feeling well enough to participate in activities. It was extremely uneventful. I had myself really worked up over it.
MaritimeMummy 10:16 AM 09-04-2012
...just watch out for any sort of little blisters that seem to form.
Bugsworthy 07:24 PM 09-04-2012
We had a child with what looked like a couple little bites. After a few days, they did not clear up. In fact, they started to look worse. Turns out, they were staph. She was put on antibiotics because they got infected. As long as they were leaking puss...they were contagious.
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