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daysofelijah 02:32 PM 05-31-2011
I am giving my closing notice this thurs/fri. Does this sound alright? I didn't want it to be too personal, but didn't want to sound too cool. I have had both these families for 4+ years now so I know they are bummed that I am closing. I had told the one family, and the other mom cornered me today wanting to make plans for fall so I had to tell her as well. So they both already know I am closing in the fall. This just makes it official.

Dear Families,
As you know I am expecting a surprise baby in December. I will be continuing to homeschool my children this fall as well. Due to the increased demand of homeschooling as the boys get older and our upcoming new addition; I feel that I am no longer able to meet these needs as well as provide full-time childcare.
I have decided to discontinue providing daycare. I plan to stay open until the end of the summer. My last day of care offered will be Friday, September 2, 2011. I trust that this notice will give you plenty of time to find a new daycare. If you find alternate care sooner, please give me two weeks notice of your final day of care as stated in our contract.
I want to thank you for allowing me to care for your children these past few years. They will be missed. If you ever need back up daycare feel free to keep me in mind.

Thank you again for your understanding,

The following will be closed dates for the remainder of the summer:
Monday, July 5 (Paid Holiday)
Wednesday, August 3 - Friday, August 5 (Unpaid Vacation)
MamaBear 02:45 PM 05-31-2011
That sounds perfect to me. Your straight to the point without too much personal info and still nice. I like it.
daycare 03:29 PM 05-31-2011
congrats on the baby!! I am so jealous I would love me about 4 or 5 ok just one more.

the letter sounds great. I think you kept it very professional.

Good luck to you
VanessaEO 04:46 PM 05-31-2011
I think it sounds great!

Congrats on the new baby and I have to say I'm due in Nov/Dec and I'm jealous. I'm trying to figure out how to take off two weeks without losing clients!
VTMom 06:20 PM 05-31-2011

The letter sounds good, but I noticed you list Monday as July 5th when it's actually the 4th. I wasn't sure if you had the 4th and 5th off and if that would confuse your families.
Michael 12:41 AM 06-01-2011
More closing letters here:
daysofelijah 05:26 AM 06-01-2011
Oops, thanks VTmom, I missed that. I am happy to be closing after 8 long years. I planned on continuing for a couple more years, but with this surprise baby #4 I told dh no way I could do it.

One mom told me she already found a new spot to start in September so yay, now hopefully the other won't have too much trouble.
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