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Babymommaof2 10:27 AM 10-02-2013
Hi there, I have ran an in home daycare/preschool from my home for the past 5 years and have never had to tell a parent that I can no longer watch their child. I am watching a 18 month old little boy who has started hitting, throwing toys and pulling hair. I have other children that I watch and they try to stay clear of him but he will walk up and try to take whatever they have out of their hands. That's when the hitting, etc occurs. When we do circle time he refuses to stay seated so I try to set him up a little play area to keep him busy but he throws toys at the other children, steps all over them and pulls their hair. Whenever I try to pull him aside and tell him that we don't hit our friends, he slaps and kicks me too. He doesn't talk and communicates by screaming all the time so it makes much more difficult. To sum it all up he just isn't a good fit for me or the other kids. I have already talked with his mother about this situation and also about a few others and she acts as if it's no big deal or that he is learning that behavior from my house. How can I tell her that I don't want to watch him anymore without her getting mad? She did sign a contract with me and I plan to give her 2 weeks notice. Should I type something up regarding this and have her sign that too? Ugh I'm so heart broken I have to do this
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