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bklsmum 08:20 PM 07-13-2015
I buried coins and jewels and other treasures in the sandboxes and sand table and I got a small treasure chest for them to put the loot in as they dig it up. I have bandannas and pirate eye patches. I downloaded a treasure map template and printed out one for each kiddo (and a few extras) so they can make treasure maps and I got the stuff to make pixie dust pouch necklaces! I think we are good to long as the rain holds off...and if it doesn't we will make our sun catchers and water bottle wind spirals and Pirate Day will be Wednesday...**sigh**.
Michael 09:50 PM 07-13-2015
I bet the boys especially will love it. Sounds like fun.
Pepperth 04:17 AM 07-14-2015
That sounds like fun!
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