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Controlled Chaos 11:46 PM 12-05-2015
I have a theme a month. I am switching up January this year to construction. I want to do play tools, digging truck toys, maybe a small swimming pool with pebbles in it for digging (pollution here has been restricting outdoor play so I want to create some fun/special indoor play opportunities. I have about $100 to spend on new toys and books. Do you have a favorite construction/tool toy set? Favorite construction book? Looking at some special new linking blocks for building... Usually I pick what I want to buy or create for the kids pretty fast, but I am struggling with creativity on this one.

Thanks in advance for any ideas!
childcaremom 04:56 AM 12-06-2015
We love blocks! I have all sorts. Tree blocks are always a hit.

Magnatiles. I just bought some more because they love them so much.

Can't remember where I saw this idea... but to construct a wall with 'bricks'.... using playdough (or clay or something) as the mortar.

How old is your group? I have chosen some landmarks, added books and pictures to the block area for inspiration.
Controlled Chaos 08:12 PM 12-06-2015
Thanks for ideas We have lots of blocks and I just ordered the Magna tiles with a grant hopefully they get here by next month.

I really like the idea of adding picture to the block area maybe I'll print out some great architecture pictures (san Francisco bridge, great wall of china) and some pictures of construction sights in the process...I be the kids would love looking at them!
DaveA 06:35 AM 12-07-2015
Plastic hammers, golf tees, and a bunch of Styrofoam are always a big hit. If you get 1/2-1" thick foam they can "nail boards" together. With Christmas coming up you could ask DCFs to save any Styrofoam for you. You could also ask any store that installs appliances or electronics and probably get a bunch.
nothingwithoutjoy 10:32 AM 12-08-2015
Favorite books:
"Demolition" by Sally Sutton (She has several; all good. Great rhythm, very catchy, and lots of women workers.)
"Building a House" by Byron Barton (also "Machines at Work").
"Changes, Changes" by Pat Hutchins.
"Tony's Hard Work Day" by Alan Arkin.
"Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel" by Virginia Lee Burton.
"Tools" by Venice Shone.
"Albert's Alphabet" by Leslie Tryon.
"Dig!" by Andrea Zimmerman.
"The Workbench" by Marilyn Bass.

Favorite thing to do:
We find that there's always some kind of work going on somewhere in walking distance. Parents often tell us what they spot on the way in. We walk to go watch, and sit right down on the sidewalk with clipboards and pencils in hand to draw what we're seeing.
Michael 01:26 PM 12-09-2015
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daycare 02:17 PM 12-15-2015
I let the kids actually hammer in nails to boards. I started them and let them finish.

I got a ton of vest from the dollar tree and hats. everyone also had to wear googles when using the tools.

I also let them use an electric screw driver, of course they could only use these with assistance.

I went to home depot and they were kind enough to give me some aprons and bird houses.

we also got super lucky and there was a huge construction job going on across the street fro my house. I went over and talked to the guy and he let all of the kids get on the excavator and make the scooper go up and down.

I just tried to find the pics. but can't find them.

i also made a felt board story that I got from online
hmmm i Have to think that the last time I did it was maybe 3 years ago...

let me see if I can find the pics.
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