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Daycare Menus, Breakfast, Lunch and Snack Ideas>Veggie Meals
midaycare 06:59 AM 12-13-2016
I always do simple and easy, because I'm not the best cook! All of these have so many different versions, and it's fun to play around. My favorites are:

1) Cauliflower Pizza (make the crust ahead of time and freeze)

2) Eggplant pizzas (slice and bake, add toppings, slice and bake. Don't skip the salt. Eggplants are too bitter without it.)

3) Cauliflower fritters and broccoli bites (fritters as the meal and broccoli as the side)

4) Stir fry (any number of veggies, my favorites are peppers, onions, mushrooms if fresh, or if in a hurry I grab a bag of frozen veggies and throw them in a pot.)

5) Egg and... I do eggs at least once a week for either breakfast or lunch. I do them in muffin tins, scrambles with veggies, poached with spinach and tomatoes on a sandwich...Google muffin tin meals. Possibilities are endless!

6) Quinoa burgers (takes some prep, a bit harder to make)

7) Cucumber sandwiches (cucumber is the bread, this can he veggie or not veggie, depending on what you add on top)

8) This is more for my sides/snacks. I make a lot of homemade sweet potato chips, zucchini chips, kale chips...if it is a vegetable, I try to turn it into chips But baked and healthy. I also use different veggies like kohlrabi and fruits like goji berries. My food program rep had never heard of a goji berry...

I'm happy to share recipes if anyone is interested in one.