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springv 07:58 PM 01-22-2020
Tuesday, january 14th, child got mad and bullied the other children so they had to sit in timeout and proceeded to cuss the teacher, hit and anything they could possibly think of so parent was called and talked to the child and was told if they was called again it would be a 30 day suspension because this has been going on for at least six months. And owner has had a meeting with the child's parent and tried to work on a solution and it went well. Parent also contacted a mental health specialist and the child has gone twice and we asked what happened at the second appointment and parent said they suggested taking toys away, timeout and other methods of discipline which we do but doesn't work. That same afternoon, parent got called during rest time because child was acting up and parent came and got child and the administrator was sitting at the desk and didn't remind parent of what was said at the meeting regarding two calls and a 30 day suspension and she came in thursday and brought child and administrator was off and got told that he couldn't stay because he was suspended and mom stated that she was never told that on tuesday and that if she had known she would've made alternate arrangements for care because she has to work. Our administrator was sitting on her tail and didn't proceed to talk to the parent face to face. It was rude and very disrespectful and this isn't the first time she has been like this towards parents or other employees.
Tags:bullying, center director, center workers