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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>I Can't Seem to Make a Decision on Closing
Sunchimes 01:18 PM 03-23-2020
I am weighing all of my options about closing. Just the facts as of today.
1.I only have one family with 3 kids. Mom is essential personnel. Dad is not, but is helpless at caring for these 3 kids. He tries, but, it usually is a mess.
2.There is no virus in our county as of this morning, but the next county over (where most people work) is on shelter in place.
3. The other county lists home daycares as essential healthcare businesses. I feel like ours will do the same.
4. I am in the high risk group because of my age. I also have controlled HBP. Other than that, I am healthy.

I am thinking that I will stay open until they do shelter in place. Our county leaders are adamantly opposed to doing this. I don't know why. And our governor seems equally opposed. So, I don't know if they will react in a timely fashion. And, I really, really want the time off. I went back to work 4 days after my husband died to help this family who couldn't find other care. That was fine, hard, but it was ok. But, I really crave some alone time, some time to be by myself with no responsibilities. But, this family was wonderful to us when my husband was so sick and in and out of the hospital. I feel like I owe them some support in return. So, anyone have any insight that might help me make up my mind?
Cat Herder 01:32 PM 03-23-2020
It may be a gift to the kids to make Dad learn how to be a Dad. Enabling him isn't doing the marriage or family any favors.

Just another viewpoint for a push.

If you need the money, and that is what makes the risk worth it, that is different.
e.j. 01:55 PM 03-23-2020
I agree with CH. If you need to stay open for financial reasons, that's one thing. Keep in mind that although there may be no reported cases in your county, you can almost bet there are people within your county who either have it or have been exposed to it and are now carriers - but it hasn't been reported because they haven't been tested or hospitalized. You'd still be taking a risk. open.

If you feel strongly that you want to help the family until you're forced to close by the state, could you offer to care for the kids a few hours a day or every other day to give dcd a break? You'd still be at potential risk but you could get some of the time off you need right now.
Ariana 03:39 PM 03-23-2020
There ARE people infected around you, you just donít know it yet because they have not been tested or have not gone to emergency. Close before it is too late. HBP and advanced age are risk factors.
Mike 04:45 PM 03-23-2020
If you don't need the money, close. You could offer part time, or even just some assistance, but it would be good for the dad to take this time to learn how to be a dad.
kendallina 08:01 PM 03-23-2020
I agree with most here, unless you absolutely need the money, close.

You said that you would close if your county went to 'shelter in place'. Your county is NOT properly leading you. Your state is not leading you. We need leaders who can lead in this time. YOU can decide to LEAD yourself. Don't wait for others to tell you what to do. LEAD yourself and make your own decision on this. If you can close, close. It's okay, parents will figure it out.
Reimel61 11:36 AM 03-24-2020
I've had the same problem. Right now we have 4 cases in our county and 4 deaths in our state. Down to three kids right now. Family of one child both parents already worked from home. Was told last night that one family with two of the other kids would be their last day today. She was going to be teleworking from home, she's a nurse practitioner. She comes in today and plans have changed. She was laid off instead and now is going to be going to our local hospital to work. I have struggled to keep open these last two weeks with great anxiety. With her now at the hospital won't help. My husband is 62 and a smoker and I'm 59 with no known health conditions. I stated yesterday that I would more than likely close this Friday for a period of two weeks and see how things are. Said all this to say I feel your pain and I am going to do what's best for my husband and I. While I'm not doing this for the fun of it we're not financially strapped. So that helps. I wish you the best.
Valerie928 11:57 AM 03-24-2020
Originally Posted by Ariana:
There ARE people infected around you, you just donít know it yet because they have not been tested or have not gone to emergency. Close before it is too late. HBP and advanced age are risk factors.
Yep, I agree. The virus is everywhere. People have had it and recovered. People are carriers, ect. If you don't need the money you should close and protect yourself.
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