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Pandaluver21 09:01 PM 04-29-2021
So we just got notice that our landlord will not be giving us the option to renew. We have to be out by July 29th. I'm not sure how/when to let families know... especially new starting families.
Mostly, I want to wait to tell them until we know WHERE we are moving. For current families I think 2-4 weeks should be fine (as long as we stay somewhat close, I don't see any familes leaving)
However, what about new families? I have a family that will be finishing the school year with us (The month of May) then returning next school year (August 16th) We will be in the new place by the time they return, but not for the rest of this school year. Do I not say anything until it gets closer? Do I try to fill my two August spots without giving out an address? Blech I hate moving
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