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Daycare and Taxes>Which Payroll Company Do You Use?
sahm1225 12:53 PM 03-10-2013
I'm thinking of adding an assistant and been looking at payroll companies.

Intuit (through Costco) is about 300/year for the one that handles everything from pay checks to taxe filings.

What company do you use? What do you pay? Do you love it?
ABCDEFG 10:34 AM 03-12-2013
I used that payroll company. Not for daycare, but for another business. It was very user friendly. Do they still offer it free for 3 months? We cancelled because we rarely do payroll, and it was not worth the monthly fee. I am looking into Bank of America basic payroll, which is free when all employees have direct deposit through them. Downfall is, you have to do your own taxes for it to be free.
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