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MaryM 07:16 AM 05-01-2013
I found these pretty purple cots that I ordered from I had to wait several weeks to even get the cots & when they arrive, they are an ugly light blue color-like an ugly light blue you would find in a medical facility! This color wasn't even a choice on the website! I called the company, explained these are NOT the color I ordered, to which she says "oh, I have a note here that says you wanted light blue?" I told her, "NO, I told you I was excited about the purple as I'd never seen purple cots before-I didn't even know this light blue existed!" She tells me to use the ones I got & she would send the purple ones as soon as they are back in stock! Now, keep in mind I ordered 5 cots THAT HAVE TO BE PUT TOGETHER! I have been waiting another several weeks, still no purple! I emailed them today asking when the purple would be available as I'm not going through the trouble of putting these together in a color I didn't order & don't like! So frustrating! I asked if another color happened to be in stock now because my mats are falling apart! On their website they had the colors: bright yellow, bright dark blue, red, & purple. Anyway, save yourself the frustration & don't order from these people!
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