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amsamuels 06:15 AM 05-16-2014
Hello everyone,

I just joined a couple of days ago. I've been wanting to start my business with a daycare for at least 3 years now. Now that I'm at the point that I'm looking for space and getting insurance it's been a challenge. I thought since the parents will be on site I didn't need a license. In Michigan, you don't need a license but good luck getting insurance. Even if I keeping kids for 90 minutes is a challenge. Right now I'm not able to afford the license and insurance for a daycare and my business right now so my next option is to find a daycare that would partner with me to get discounted rate and use it for special evening events.

If you know of any or have a daycare and this partnership sound interesting please contact me. Below are specifics of what I'm looking for. Thanks

I'm working on a business that a license daycare would be a great complimentary service for my clients.

- The company could lease space right next to my future business location (haven't decided on a location yet, we can work together on location)
- or they have or know of 2000 - 2400 sqft retail space available to lease out for my business near their business.

This is what I'm looking for in a partner daycare

- A daycare could be open for special evening events (paid by my clients of course)
- A daycare that would allow drop ins and is very flexible with schedules
- A high quality daycare
- Someone that is great to work with (planning events)
- It would be two separate companies but working side by side to help each others businesses.
- A daycare that would give a negotiated discount to my clients. In return we could exchange our services to you at a discount rate. We also have extensive online marketing services that we can offer the company.

The location needs be in the Oakland county Michigan area - West Bloomfield, Commerce Township or Keego Harbor area

Unfortunately, I need serious inquires only and be willing to open in the Fall or Winter of 2014.
Childminder 12:24 PM 05-16-2014
Just curious, but what is your business?

Your above scenario wont work for me because I can only have a certain amount of children of certain ages at any given times. Some gym's and such do that though so there must be certain variances.
melilley 03:18 PM 05-16-2014
I don't understand what kind of service you are offering either.
It would be very hard for even a center to do drop ins only. They need to be licensed and every drop in would need all of the required paperwork filled out. Not to mention, ratios need to be maintained and that would be hard to do with drop ins when you don't know who is coming.
amsamuels 08:28 AM 05-26-2014
I want to open a coworking space and partner with a daycare. thanks
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